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Re: Repeater

yeah, I didn't understand the strong reaction either.
I use the archives all the time, a little time consuming to hunt thru but
well worth it, I have had guys suggest I check the archives before when
I've asked a question as well and I never took it on the chin, but then my
arrogance is only eclipsed by my talent...or is it my ego.

if I had only known back in hi school all I had to do to be cool was buy
the right looper...
I wouldn't have wasted all that time on my hair

peace ya'll,     its a beautiful day(aren't they all??)


jim palmer wrote:

> > Wow, I sense some arrogance on this list.
>  i don't know if you're still here, but i thought mikes reply was funny.
> and you could have learned from it rather than go hyper-sensitive
> on him.  lot's of good stuff in the archives.  i had read quite a bit
> there (and learned a lot) before i ever joined the list.