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Re: JamMan/Vortex foot switches

At 11:49 AM 5/6/01, Mark Sottilaro wrote:
>Hey Lexicon JamMan and Vortex owners,
>I just acquired a Vortex, but it did not come with any foot switches.
>On a whim, I tried using a couple of sustain pedals from an Ensonic
>keyboard put into a dual mono to stereo adapter and into the back of the
>units.  Viola!  It worked!  I'm pretty sure that the Ensonic pedals are
>fairly standard, and they seem a lot nicer than the stock Lexicon
>pedals, and cheap.  Tomorrow I go and get some plywood and velcro and
>make a nice little Lexcon control pedal.  Nice.

I've been using a sustain pedal (it's a Roland, with 2 pedals) to control
my JamMan for years. The timing seems more precise than with the standard
Lex pedals as well.

Good luck with the Vortex, it's an inspiring piece!

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