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Re: the new iBook...

yeah, you can do this with the current powerbooks, too.

unfortunately, it just mirrors what's on the book display, from what 
i understand...which is a dissapointment.

with the desktop models, i've been running two monitors in my 
production department for years.  before apple took the video off the 
main board, we would just add a video card.  now, we put in a cheap 
video card in addition to the main one.  add in a cheap 15" monitor 
and your set.  put all of your toolbox pallettes on the small screen 
and all of your main viewing stuff on the big one, and you can adjust 
the viewing via monitors control panel.  works awesome for graphics 
apps.  haven't tried it on any sound apps, though.  i think it would 
be great if the powerbooks and ibooks allowed you to use the book 
screen as your toolbox and a large vga screen as the main view.

>It looks like you can mirror your display to a larger
>external monitor if you like.  Does Mac OS 9 / OS X
>support a second different monitor view?
>From Apple's site:
>"RGB video output
>The iBook is also equipped with RGB video output to
>mirror your work to an external display or projection
>  Composite video output to TV
>Displaying your movies on a big-screen TV is easy,
>thanks to the AV port on your iBook. Simply connect
>your TV to the AV port via the optional Apple AV