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Re: the new iBook...

It looks like you can mirror your display to a larger
external monitor if you like.  Does Mac OS 9 / OS X
support a second different monitor view?

>From Apple's site:
"RGB video output
The iBook is also equipped with RGB video output to
mirror your work to an external display or projection

 Composite video output to TV
Displaying your movies on a big-screen TV is easy,
thanks to the AV port on your iBook. Simply connect
your TV to the AV port via the optional Apple AV


--- Mike Feeney <feeneymike@yahoo.com> wrote:
> on 5/4/01 11.02 AM, Andrew Pask at
> andrew@kaleidacousticon.com wrote:
> > Only problem with the iBook as far as music apps 
> go would have to be the
> > small
> > screen.
> > 
> > L8r
> > 
> > A
>     it is small, but it does go up to 1024x768, so
> it's not too bad...  =)
>     mike
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