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Re: the new iBook...

on 4/5/01 5:17 AM, Mike Feeney at feeneymike@yahoo.com wrote:

> Hey all,
> I don't know if anyone has paid much attention, but Apple has a new iBook
> out.  I'm contemplating getting one... but i'm curious if anyone who is 
> familiar with Mac machines might tell me if I'd be able to use it for
> recording audio.  I do use my PC for it now, and I'd be keeping the PC as
> well.  I'm not even sure if the iBook has any audio inputs... so I 
> I'd throw the question out there.
> Thanks,
> Mike

All Apple machines have always had a fairly decent stereo in/out, obviously
a dedicated in/out is better, but I and many I know have used Macs for
recording as well as live mixing/looping etc for years quite happily.

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