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hello friends.

just discovered this fine list this morning.  sounds like just my cup of 
tea.  i've been making music for years.  in the last year or two Acid Pro 
has really blown my mind wide open.  i've written a loop library for it, 
and it is going to be published by Sonic Foundry later this year.

my friend Rick (of goth/prog/artrock band Amoeba - see 
http://www.amoeba.com/amframeset.html) came by a few weeks ago with one of 
those new Line 6 Delay Modellers (with the built in loop sampler mode, ala 
the old Electro Harmonix looper).  we did a track using it quite 
extensively.  kind of my modern take on the fripp/eno albums of the 
70's.  http://spoo.pretension.com/360degrees.mp3

does anybody on this list use Reaktor?  i wrote a loop sampler ensemble 
it, which is basically like the one in the line 6 unit, but not quite as 
fancy (no instant half-speed/reverse function).