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DAP in Baltimore Saturday night

On Saturday May 5th, The Dark Aether Project will take a break from work
on their third album for a special performance to premiere new
material live at Orion Studios located at 2903 Whittington Ave in
Baltimore MD. Showtime is 8pm and admission is *free* for all ages.

The Dark Aether Project:
Allen Brunelle: Drums/Keyboards/Vocals
Jennifer Huff:  Vocals
Adam Levin:     Warr 8 String Touchstyle Guitar/Keyboards/loops
John McCloskey: Guitar/Guitar Synthesizer
Marty Saletta   Keyboards/Stick

See http://www.DarkAether.net/ for more information

"...jazz-inflected, often minimalistic...foreboding soundscapes...classy
...offers mature musicianship without pretentiousness"
- John Collinge - Progression (US)

"..intense and blistering lead work...amazing loops and shimmering
textures that are at once haunting and dreamlike...worthy of attention."
- Peter Thelen - Expose (US)

"...delivers what the demanding progressive rock fan wants: a unique and
original product, dexterity, a sharp musical flair and the ability to play
with the listener's emotions."
- Cyclone Magazine (Quebec)

"I'm blown away. This is - forgive my colloquialism - some serious
shit. ...an absolutely fabulous album."
- Larry Nai - Progression - (US)