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anti:clockwise NYC re-re-announcement

so, it's like this.

that anti:clockwise show at the pink pony, originally announced for sat 5/4, then corrected to read sat. 5/5 has - due to an unfortunate double booking - now been re-scheduled entirely, and will take place on saturday 5/12.

obviously, this is somewhat... embarrassing.

please accept my apologies for all the confusion. i left a message for my Handlers at the tension headache agency demanding an explanation & asking them "what up?" with all this booking insanity.

according to their response, they feel this sort of multiple-posting is an effective and very cheap way of getting the anti:clockwise name "...out there, to the People.  a lot."

personally i think this is a lowdown, shabby and transparent device; and i would ask them "but what about how pissed off the People are gonna be at me when they keep getting all these lame and confusing cancelling announcements?...

...except where i am, i'm only allowed one phone call.

so, now please accept my sheepish and entirely humble New Announcement:

the pink pony re-presents

"better late than ever"

saturday 5/12

featuring the light paintings and color sculptures of
visualist chris jordan

the pony is STILL on ludlow st, just south of houston.

thank you for your patience.

just what the world needs....
another frikkin url