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Re: Lou Harrison

At 6:20 PM -0700 4/30/01, Catharsis wrote:
>>Did you talk to Lou Harrison?  How is he doing?
>In passing yes.. I am new to this area, so I basically smiled and 
>said, "hello". He seems to be doing well for being 84 or 85.

Lou is a truly great person. I've known him since 1976 when I audited 
his class in world music at San Jose State, and until the early '90s 
I'd see him every summer at the Cabrillo Music Festival.  He recently 
lost his life partner, Bill Colvig, so it's good to know he's 
carrying on with energy and good spirit.

>Say, I just came across a small quote from you in Joel Chadabe's 
>Electric Sound. Heh heh..   It is funny as when I read it I thought, 
>"hey, I know that guy: he is a looper!" ;)

If you hang out long enough you eventually end up in books. I have 
small mentions in a couple of them, in connection with my Max 

Richard Zvonar, PhD
(818) 788-2202