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Re: RE filters

>From: "Rick Walker (loop.pool)" <GLOBAL@cruzio.com>
>db wrote:
>"anyone use the Electrix Filter Queen and/or Factory? I have a filter 
>queen>and i love her."
>I adore my Electrix Filter Factory.   I bought both the Filter Queen and 
>the>Filter Factory to compare them and then returned the
>Filter Queen.  If you've got the dough to afford it, it really rocks,
>especially for Live Looping Artists because of it's ability to synd LFO
>speeds to midi in/and/or send out LFO 'clock' to midi ready loopers.
>try it, you'll like it,      yours,   Rick Walker (loop.pool)

the reason that the queen won out for me is that because i'm a guitarist 
the queen has an expression pedal input that the factory doesn't. i like 
being able to tweak the freq while making strange noises on the guitar. 
way i got both hands free to work the gtr while messing with the freq with 
me foot.

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