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Re: cheating

I think, with dj's it's the same as with any other musician : they're
creative or they're not.  I know a few dj's personally, and some of them 
very good.  The way they mix two turntables and a rhythmmachine is, a) not
easy and b) often very creative.   I have had the chance to hear the 
they play individually, and then what they do with it.  They can turn even 
mediocre or cheesy record in combination with other stuff into something 
and wondefull. I mean, Richie Hawtin, Derrick May, ...and over here in
Belgium Jan Van Biesen...these guys are amazing.
I've also seen dj's tweaking the knobs of their mixer to create the
impression they're doing something more than just playing a record, while I
know the record they're playing has the filtering already on it, or I can
see they're just out of time with what is actually happening.   The last
year, my friends and I call that 'doing a Moby'.   We could also have 
it 'doing a Spice Girl'(no pun intented).


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> I'm very interested in this distinction: *When is it fraud?* I did a
> once [I sang and played diatonic harp] where the playback contained some
> harp. It was too late to change anything- the guy hiring us didn't care-
> it was good money. One of my fears was: *What if the audience thinks ALL
> harp is on tape*? And if the poor sods  don't notice or care, why not lay
> down 5 tracks of interesting harp at home, and just concentrate on
> [and what makes having a little keyboard on tape better than lip-sync...
> etc, etc, etc]
> To tell the truth, I have never taken the time to think this all the way
> through- - -never came to a conclusion. But it's what got me thinking
> the Echoplex and looping in general [That, and that Cello player]; It
> you to bypass those ethical/vanity considerations- as you are playing- in
> concert, if you will- with the playback.
> Of course, *DJ's* take this to an extreme; taking credit for stuff they
> couldn't conceptualize in a 1000 years. But then, few people consider 
> the entire techno/DJ thing is just disco married to Political Correctness
> [Wannabe Gangbangers singing to China Grove- - - and nobody blows the
> whisthle- - -sigh]--Sigh.
> Did someone check my spelling?
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