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RE: Repeater price

Hey loopers,
I have a general appeal to everyone interested in buying Repeater. Be
suspicious of anyone offering it for much less than $599. Our suggested
Retail is $749 US so a discount to $599 would be an amazing deal. Repeater
is priced very fairly and we did not leave much room to discount it. All of
our products have the best price possible without huge margins. I can't
imagine why someone would basically give Repeater away but if there is an
asking price of $488 we will have some major problems.

Setting a price precedence of $488 forces our other dealers to try and 
this price. Unfortunately this price doesn't give the dealer enough margin
to stay in business (in fact $488 is almost no margin at all). This
inevitably results in other dealers not even stocking the product. If no 
else stocks the product we go out of business.  

We are committed to offering cool, unique products that have a high degree
of innovation, quality and affordable prices. At $488 Repeater is devalued
far bellow a reasonable price putting our ability to do the above at great
risk. It also just depreciates the value of the product in general.

Bottom Line is if Repeater sells for $488 It ruins other retailers chances
for sales therefore ruining our chances at sales therefore no more 

Of course you are going to want to negotiate the best price possible and I
realize it seems insane to say "actually, that price is too low. Let me pay
more".  This is just a warning that whoever sells it at that price is 
no money at all and why would they do that? Also, Please consider that
promoting this price (if it exists) can damage our ability to survive and
continue to even produce Repeaters.

O.K. I'm off my soap box now.

Damon Langlois
Creative Director
Tel (250) 544-4091 Fax (250) 544-4100