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Re: New Guy

> Are you from Indiana?
> Evansville?

No.  I live in Dallas.  What gave you the idea that I might be from
Indiana--Evansville, in particular?  I checked to see if my company might
have a plant there--but we don't.

Now I'm all curious.  Is there some rogue Lindsay from Evansville, Scourge
of the God-fearing and Bane of the West?  Is he/she defiling my name?

By the way, those clear plastic, 50's-styled Martian ray-gun pistols with
the friction/inertia motor and piece of flint--you know the one that sparks
like crazy when you pull the trigger and rev it up--can also come through
on particular pick-ups.  It depends on what the flywheel inside is made of.
If it ferrous, then it acts like a tone wheel from a B3.  Plus, you get the
super cool effect of spraying sparks all over stage.

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Are you from Indiana?


lindsay@pavestone.com wrote:

> Good morning.
> This is my first posting and I am as new to looping as I am this mailing
> list.  I've always had an intellectual curiosity regarding looping,
> thinking, "wouldn't it be cool if..." only to find out that you guys are
> out there _doing_ it!  Well, I'll be damned if I don't give it a spin,
> myself.  So, to facilitate this, I'd like to tap your collective
> I'd really like to know some real-world examples of live performance
> looping rigs.  What's your signal chain?  How do you route effects?
> the looper?  After?  Do you use multichannel or multiple-unit loopers for
> individual effects/volume control over different, concurrently playing
> loops?
> How do you interact with other performers?  If you did not want to
> intentionally introduce polyrythym (or just plain out-of-time-edness),
> do you synch?  To what?  With what?
> I suppose I can count myself lucky to begin the looping odyssey shortly
> before a much-anticipated new product, the Repeater.  The rerelease of
> EDP comes shortly, too, doesn't it?  Meanwhile, there are other littler
> boxes that I'm sure could help.  I'm trying to get a feel for what can be
> done, what is being done, in the field of looping.  Also, listening
> suggestions are very welcome.  I am a devoted fan of Bill Frisell and
> his entire body of work.  I have read about David Torn, but never heard
> (except that he appears to be on every movie soundtrack produced in the
> last decade.  See http://www.gaalore.com/davidtorn.nsf/Pages/Info ).
> Anyone else?
> Thanks; I know already this is a friendly and inclusive group.
> Lindsay Graham
> Some guy who does financial work for a concrete manufacturer.