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Re: Noises through pickups

> I've heard in divers places about adding sonic
> material to loops by playing various things through
> the pickups of a guitar - vibrators, cordless drills,
> etc.  My particular interest is in using cassette
> players; I know that Torn sensei does some of this,
> and I think others on the list have mentioned it. 
> Anyone care to share experiences, techniques, caveats
> in this area?
> Scott Martin

Any form of small motor will get picked up by the guitar if
held close enough.  I "played" an electric screwdriver on a
recording years ago.  You have some small degree of control 
depending on how you hold it, how close, etc.

Vibrators may or not work the same way.  I think the main
way people use them is to vibrate the strings directly, like
a 6-string EBow.


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