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Re: EDP more loops on the fly?

Pratt Winkle wrote:
>    Lets say you made a loop and did not think about
> making other loops before hand, but the loop you have
> now is so cool you must have a copy of it to riff on
> and one for playback. How do you make a copy on the
> fly with out destroying the original? When I do "loop
> copy", nothing happens. When I make another loop in
> the "more loops" parameter it starts over with
> silence.
>   Note:once your mind thinks it knows how this thing
> works, it's hard to bend your thoughs in to seeing it
> any other way. I can't seem to get the flow of the lay out.

you have to set the more loop  before recording (divide the memory to
the nb of loops you want)

then do not forget the loop copy parameter for defining if you want it
to copy the sound, the time or no copy (new loop)

when youre happy with you original loop press nextloop and play untill