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Re: GOODLOOP and the Third Ear

Jim suggests:
>we could just inject some dna into an earthlike planet,
>wait for intelligent life to develop, and then have them
>play the loops for us...

great... would your DNA be good enough?

and also:
>ah yes, the elusive looper content.
>is life bracketed by repeat signs?
>|: me :|

I liked this one. It certainly does not just repeat. Overdub is on.
Undo does not work quite right, they say...

Alan asked:
>Will your new looper have an internal power supply or, like most new
>boxes these days, one of those detestable "wall warts"?

It will be shit-driven. The methane that comes out of it feeds one of 
those "alternative" energy cells.

>I also want foot switches that anticipate my tap so I don't actually 
>have to do the tap itself.

I am not shure whether you are serious about this one, but GODBOX 
certainly likes your music and thus selects the right phrases to be 
And you can get rid of the critizizing meat public.

>This should be easy to do with the new QSP (Quantum Signal
>Processor) chip.

Oh great, can you send me its URL privately? :-)

>Patiently waiting for the next EDP software upgrade and whatever new
>jewels it may contain,

ok, let me go back to work...

While this: Why dont you play with what really exists in material 
world and with what allways comes from beyond to anyone with an open 
"third ear"...

By the way: I started mounting a page with rare brasilian music and 
translations of the words at: 
The second song of Zeca Baleiro: "Heavy Metall of the Lord" sounds 
great, is fun and somewhat related... (no loops, though)

>Matthias Grob wrote:
>>  James Musser GODBOX idea fascinates me. The thing that does 
>>  The GOODLOOP would be the starting point. Maybe we can make a machine
>>  that can do everything related to looping, in some years...
>>  slowly aproximating GOD...
>>  wew, so much work to do...

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