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Re: H.D. recording software for Pc (loop oriented)

First a question - which Sound Blaster are we talking about?    The SB64 is not bad, and the SBLive can do a decent job, but a SB16 or 32 is not gonna be very good.  Also, the SB64 cannot record and playback at the same time ("full duplex") so that can be a problem.
First suggestion - think about getting a separate HD for just the recording files - it's a lot easier on the system if the programs are on one HD and the sound files are on another.
As for a program, if you want to start "low-end" I would recommend something like Cubasis VST or Cakewalk Home Studio.  Acid can record, but is missing a lot of features that the true recording programs have.  It is worth getting in it's own right, though.
You will probably need some sort of preamp to get your signlas up to the right level to record decently, at least if you are playing guitar.
I'm sure others will have more to add.
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Subject: H.D. recording software for Pc (loop oriented)

I am about to set up my Pc for H.D. recording.
I have followed many discussion about this argument but they all were about Macs.
Before taking any decision I would like to read "LD oracle's" suggestions.
Here is what I have:
Pc with 20 Gb Hard disk: 5 for programs and 15 for files
Sound Blaster audio card.
128 Mb Ram
Here is what I need
A recording s.w. mainly for audio (I'm not working with midi files but for effects parameters),
2 inputs may be ok,
at the moment I don't want to have to add a hardware mixer,
I would like to have the chance to work deeply with loops ( that's sure !).
Acid (is it a plug in or can be a recording software in itself ?)
Logic Audio, Cubase...?
Do you have any comment on using the input a/d converters of the Sound Blaster card ?
So, once again, thanks for any contribution.