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Fwd: Foot Control for Repeater!


on 7/30/00 7:51 AM, Dpcoffin@aol.com at Dpcoffin@aol.com wrote:

> Dear Electrix
> Being a total slave to fx processors, I've watched your products with 
> interest...but also frustration, since, as a guitar player, to me FOOT
> Now that you've REALLY gotten my interest with REPEATER, I'm writing to
> EXHORT you to empower MIDI foot control of all functions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
> ESPECIALLY, this device MUST be able to record, playback and loop without
> hands on!
> Autolooping is crucial!!! (like a delay line...)
> There's more to your market than DJ's and post-processing remixers!!!!!
> Thankyou.....
> Yours if it's foot-controllable and real-time,
> David Coffin

David, you will be glad to know that Repeater is totally foot controllable
and Real Time.  I spent many an hour reading through the Looper's Delight
archives before penning the product specification.  And while it does not 
all the esoteric things ambient looper's want,  Repeater will make a lot of
people smile. Hopefully yourself included.

Stay tuned to the Web for more information.  We are involved in Looper's
Delight discussions.

Best Regards,

Darrell Smith

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