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Re: The set up

>P.S. I'm pretty new to this list too, but just wanted to give you a
>that you aren't likely to find many ACID users here... yours is the first
>post I've seen. Most of the folks here (including me) are real musician
>types, or at least so we'd like to think... :-)
>I'm an Acidhead, though it isn't really the tool this list is about. You
>find more like minded individuals on a dance music producers list. t's a
>composition tool though - I wouldn't use it live for anything - much 
>to just burn the tracks to cd.

Acid is about loops. Why shouldn't it be for this list? I found out that
Acid in
a combination with other programs, especially Soundforge and a lot of
is the most quick and creative choice for me. I just throw in loops which I
could work together. I started making music with Cakewalk then I moved to
Now I'm more and more working in Acid. Actually I made the song for
in Acid. Sonic Foundry's products (also Vegas) are the only ones which
enable me
to work in a full duplex mode. But I'm not pro, I could hardly consider
myself as a
Rennie Pilgrem is on the other hand a pro. The latest nu skool breakbeat 
Black Widow
was made in Acid. And he can afford anything...
I personally don't think the gear makes you a pro. Daft punk made a lot of
on the yamaha su10 (are there any cheaper and more basic units?). the list
of pros
which used really basic gear is endless...
I've also saw live performances with Acid. Worked fine.