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RE: The set up

I personally carry a Sony Vaio 505, Compaq 3500 and an IBM 770 and have to 
travel all the time (systems analyst, internatioanal support).  The Sony, 
although has some nice features like fire wire, is the most buggy, The IBM 
the most propiatrary, and the compaq pretty much crap in the audio 
department.....But with that said; I also carry a small projector from 
compaq, run about $4000.00 US but it works great with all three models.  
short The projector is the key to successful multimedia on displays other 
then LCD/Monitor arrangements.

>From: "Kevin Mulvihill" <kmulvihill@mediaone.net>
>Reply-To: Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com
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>Subject: RE: The set up
>Date: Sat, 12 Aug 2000 20:33:03 -0700
>Hi Michele,
>I don't know if you gave me enough of what I need to answer your question
>but I'll try...
>Multimedia files through a multimedia projector, eh? That's the part 
>Generally, get the best laptop - meaning the most powerful - that you can
>for your money. If your multimedia files are Director files, then you 
>know that multimedia developers (like me) have had problems getting 
>audio to play properly through IBM laptops. This is due to the sound
>technology IBM uses. I think it's called mWave, but I could be wrong... I
>stay away from IBM laptops these days and, since there are so many other
>good ones out there anyway, if it were me, I'd stay away from IBM laptops
>for your needs as well. Good brands are Sony, Toshiba, Dell, Gateway and
>Compaq; I have a Dell. Clones are available too but, while I build my own
>desktops and servers, I just don't like clone laptops. If you don't mind,
>you can probably save some money here but, again, I'd be careful and
>selective about what I buy. You don't want it to fail in the middle of a
>What kind of multimedia projector? What are the inputs? Most any laptop 
>a VGA video out, but if you have a projector that you know you'll be using
>each time you give a presentation, then I would look in the Owner's Manual
>to see what inputs are available and which will give you the best quality 
>if there's a difference. Match that up against the video outputs on your
>laptop to make sure you can get a connection.
>Although it's generally true that "the more the merrier," I don't think
>you'll need 6 GB of storage, unless you'll need that for other things.
>You'll have to check but Sonic Foundry's ACID may save files in something
>like a MIDI format. If this is the case, then your looping sound files 
>be very small. And BTW, if you're using Director, it won't import ACID
>files. You'd do better to build it as a wave (which will take some disk
>space), and set the Loop property to TRUE in the Cast Member properties.
>I'd take some of the cash saved by buying a smaller hard drive (again, if
>this is all you'll use it for), and spend more money on RAM. You can't 
>have enough RAM, especially on a laptop. If you haven't had a laptop 
>be prepared to find it sluggish compared to a desktop of similar CPU and
>overall quality. RAM really makes a difference here. I have 96 MB on my
>laptop, but I'd prefer to have 128. When I had 64 MB of RAM on it, Windows
>98 would load about 62 MB just on bootup. (Of course, it is a fully loaded
>laptop and I have a number of TSRs that run in the System Tray.) Point is,
>if Windows 98 feels like it needs that much RAM and I'm getting ready to
>show some flashy Director presentation, well, I'd just as soon add the
>Director stuff on top of that 62. Even with 96 MB, you can load a large
>Director presentation completely in RAM before it launches, thereby giving
>you just about the best performance you can get.
>Good luck,
>P.S. I'm pretty new to this list too, but just wanted to give you a 
>that you aren't likely to find many ACID users here... yours is the first
>post I've seen. Most of the folks here (including me) are real musician
>types, or at least so we'd like to think... :-)
> > hi! I just subscribed to the loopers delight and have a question to 
> > Can anyone offer me any advice on what type of laptop to purchace for
> > constructing loops and  being able to output multimedia files through a
> > multimedia projector? I know that I need at least6g.b ofhard
> > drive and 64m.b
> > of Ram. I am a mac user but it seems it might be easier to go the
> > p.c route
> > for using acid and sonic foundry. Any imput would be helpful.
> > Thanks, M
> > www.hyperspacestudios.com
> >

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