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Re: Yet another shameless gig announcement...

We're going to have a pair of mics right behind the prompter... I get the 
feeling that I can get it quickly mastered and then try to get Matt 
Davignon to handle some distribution... Oh yeah... art... We'll have to 
figure something out there. Let's see if it's something we're proud of 
after listening a bit! 8-)


>>> dennis@mdbs.com 08/10 2:36 PM >>>
> Miko Biffle | Nathan Fuhr | COBRA!
>. . .
> Monday, August 14th, 8:30 PM at the Art League Theater, 526 Broadway St.
> Santa Cruz. California, US $5.00.

Sounds like fun!  Any chance of a recording of this?  Even from a mic on a 
in the room?

Dennis Leas