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MIDI Data looping, a little help?

I've posted this question before, but I'm still puzzling this out...

Does anyone use a midi sequencer to loop MIDI data streams? I use Seer
Systems Reality as a sound source (the only flawlessly realtime
softsynth/sampler I've ever seen). I run the laptop, my ESQ-1 (aka "my
little darling") and several other sound sources through my mixer, with a
multifx and a DL4 on the aux loops. I would love to be able to do some
EDP-esque MIDI looping with VST or Logic Audio, but I haven't gotten far
enough into either of these systems to set up macros for things like
start/stop recording, overdub, multiply, copy, undo, etc in realtime.

Does anyone do this? I'm saving up for an EDP or a Repeater, and if I can
get one of these sequencers looping, i'll be able to sync them to the
eventual EDP or Repeater, the mere thought of which gives me chills.

BTW, the reason I'm not too versed in sequencerese is my musical
philosophy... I'm sick of seeing performances where one or two guys huddle
around a powerbook, switching vst patterns and hitting 'timewarp' every
four bars. I'm trying to bring back the synthesizer as a performance