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Re: Big Briar News - CP-251!!

On Wed, 9 Aug 2000, Mark Pulver wrote:

> Big Briar has started shipping the long awaited CP-251 control 
>      http://www.bigbriar.com/mfCP251.htm
> My collaboration partner got her's yesterday (she had ordered direct) 
> my dealer (Rogue Music) got a load in yesterday as well. I'll have mine 
> the weekend.

I've had mine for about three weeks now, and they just shipped the manual
to me today - I've been trying to figure what to do with this thing for a
few weeks. Now that I see the manual, I see all the potential I've been
missing in this thing. Wow. Cool. 

For those of you who like racking your gear, I quote from the manual:
"with its wood endcaps removed, your CP251 is exactly the right size for a
3-unit high, half-rack space." 

Cool: I have one friend who loves my moogerfooger ring modulator, but
would love it more if it was a rackmount configration rather than a
desktop/stompbox design rig.

> Next Stop: The MF-104 Delay!!!

Waiting, waiting - my wife's been making the same joke about "the delay
pedal must be really effective - it's delaying itself!" over, and over,
sort of a looped joke.

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