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Re: recommendation anyone?

Before you dump your Roland, try out one of those small modeling dohickeys
such as the POD, J-station, Yamaha stomp-something-or-other.  They are 
the Holy Grail, but they're pretty darn good for the money, very portable,
and quite flexible.

I've got a BOSS GX-700 (baby brother to the GP 100) and find it's COSM
sounds to be nothing close to the real thing.  However I have become a
bigger fan of the ultra-clean (cold?), non-traditional tones.  I keep my 
wired into the GX-700's effects loop, and when I want to warm it up a bit I
simply punch in the POD.

Plugging into a vintage amp it is not, but I do have a huge array of vastly
different sounds from the most crytsaline clean to a pretty grungy growl.
As this setup plugs directly into a PA or mixer, you don't have to tote a
huge tube amp around either.

Mandatory loop content: .... none, sorry.

>Yes indeed, i have the Roland GP 100 and although its a great and 
> unit i just canīt get used to itīs preamp digital coldness. I played with
> I think i am saying goodbye to my Roland!
> Luis