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Re: recommendation anyone?

Yes indeed, i have the Roland GP 100 and although its a great and versatile
unit i just canīt get used to itīs preamp digital coldness. I played with
stomp boxes and tube amps for a long time before getting into the rackmount
digital scene.Effects work wonderful but COSM amp simulation and all of its
fancy stuff just hasnīt done it for me.Its the difference between instant
coffee and a good fresh brewed espresso!
Any recomendations on a good passive warm analog rackmount preamp outhere? 
think i am saying goodbye to my Roland!

> However, you'll probably want to stay away from the usual guitar
> roland, boss etc. I have a couple of 2120 in my stick rack, and there a
> loads of fun, but I wouldn't call them high fidelity, especially the
> section.