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EDP self-QA tips?

Despite Italo's  no-doubt excellent advice to divorce my wife, sell the car, forget the kid's braces and spend 4 years making payments on an Orville, I have chosen to finally abandon my trusty JamMan's and get an EDP (never thought this would look like voluntary simplicity to anybody, haha). My 'stock' JamMan is on e-bay now. The Sellon mod version goes next. Despite loving these units, I'm terminally curious about the EDP and also feeling that I would prefer to have an in-production standard model looper that doesn't leave me without vendor or community support downstream.  Later the Repeater may very well be the answer to all that, but that sounds like many months away at least.

Its clear from comments here that EDP's don't all work correctly right out of the box, so I'm wondering if there are a series of test's I can perform to give me warm fuzzies that the thing is in working order. I guess on one level, the answer is just read the manual and use it, but if my previous track record is any clue, I may be awhile getting down to the fine print.

Any tips on what kinds of quick EDP tests to perform to get a general sense that I haven't received a lemon?