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Re: EDP self-QA tips?

At 6:53 PM -0700 8/6/00, BC wrote:
>Its clear from comments here that EDP's don't all work correctly right out
>of  the box,

Be careful about being misled on that. Nobody writes to a mailing list
everyday and says, "Hi, everything is perfect today!"  Since you often only
hear from people having problems, it is easy to get the impression that
everybody is having problems. That isn't the case.

The unfortunate situation here is, Gibson has a brand new production line
making Echoplexes. When the very first units came out of there, naturally
people on the Looper's Delight list were first in line. And naturally,
those first ones off the line are the ones most likely to have something
wrong as the kinks are worked out of the system. And sure enough, some of
the first few units out had some assembly problem and got sold to people
that way. That sucks, but Gibson did jump in and put effort into fixing the
production process as soon as they realized it. Subsequent units made did
not have any problems so far as I know. Gibson has also been quite diligent
in fixing the units for people who got bad ones. Mostly I've heard people
are satisfied with things, but there are probably some who are not.
Naturally, they are the ones who will post about it. :-)

>so I'm wondering if there are a series of test's I can
>perform to give  me warm fuzzies that the thing is in working order. I
>guess on one level, the  answer is just read the manual and use it, but if
>my previous track record is  any clue, I may be awhile getting down to the
>fine print.
>Any tips on what kinds of quick EDP tests to perform to get a general
>sense  that I haven't received a lemon?

Probably just using it you would know pretty quickly. I don't think you
have to worry much. The guys at Trace-Elliot run a quality operation and I
believe they have sorted out all of the problems they had. I'm sure they
learned a few lessons along the way.


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