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Re: The Best Loopers

Quite a thought provoking post, Kevin.

> I'm just wondering what the best looper to use is? ...

Of course I have to ask, "'Best' for what?"  Here's some considerations: 
How do
you want to use it?  Live?  In the studio?  With other gear?  With other
players?  Do you improvise as you play?  Do you want preset loop lengths?  
much floor space do you have?  Can you use rack-mounted equipment?  How 
Does it have to be battery powered?  Do you connect it to a mixer effects 
Do you want stereo?  How many simultaneous loops?

> If you have one you think is the best, please tell me why you think it's 
> best... what features or sounds does it have that the others don't?

I use the EDP (two of them actually).  I really like the interface.  But 
sets it apart from other loopers (IMHO), is that it integrates well with 
boxes.  Including other EDPs.  Like what other box has a connector labeled
"Brother Sync"?  I haven't seen any other loopers that integrate nearly as 
Not only can I control every function via MIDI commands to the EDP, but 
boxes can determine the status of the EDP via MIDI commands it sends.

This is important to me because I see my looper as a system component.  I 
it to co-operate with my other boxes.

Dennis Leas