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Re: Eventide DSP4500 vs. Kyma

I'd love to hear more about your looping experiences with the Orville.  Can
it realisticly be used as a real-time/live performance looping device??


>Hi K. I'm actually working with an Eventide Orville, after 4 years with a
>DSP4000...well this new box is just amazing; the 7000 is half Orville
>without the 3 minutes sampling/Looping memory.
>My Orville has 87 sec + 173sec of delay/looping/sampling memory.
>The box is like 8 DSP4500 plus the sampler board or 2 DSP7000.
>I can do anything I can Imagine with it, including mastering cds...like
>having 2 TC Finalizers Plus or a Monster supercharged one...This is the
>best...I wrote hundreds and hundreds of programs with the eventide boxes,
>many of them are very well known by Scott Gilfix, brain/stickist at
>Eventide...let's trade some programs if you like...