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Re: Eventide DSP4500 vs. Kyma

italo de angelis wrote:

> >Hello,
> >Would you mind telling us more about your Orville please?
> >In Australia only top level studio's can justify Eventide as its too
> >expensive and has lower perceived second hand value compared to Lexicon 
> >TC Electronic.
> >Before people  talk about the reverb comparisons between Lex and 
> >Lexicon PCM's have always been popular but around $6000 + pc cards too
> >expensive,  TC Electronic is deemed to be offering more innovative 
> >than Lexicon in the last couple of years.
> >Steven
> HI Steven! Well I never consider those issues regarding second hand 
> just go for the real quality of the box and its creative power.
> We all know that Laxicon, TC & Eventide are the top guys in the 
> know most of their units, all the PCMs, LXPs and MPXs, 300 and 480,
> TC2290,M2000, M5000, M3000, G-Force, Fireworx, H3000s, DSP4000s etc.
> Regarding prices: Orville is the top Eventide unit and its list price in 
> is 5700$. Lexicon new 960L goes up to 15000$ and TC top System 6000 
> from 8700$...so as you see who is expensive???
> There is a lot of misknowledge and confusion about this issue out there; 
> of the problems is that Eventide Audio is a small branch of a larger
> company, working in airplane navigation systems on computers, so they 
> put all their resources into the audio part or into its ads and 
> Nevertheless Eventide builds the most powerful and creative science toy
> available on earth, ORVILLE!!! This box can do things that other 
> top products cannot EVEN DREAM of doing...Into Orville you get 2 powerful
> dsps, each one is like 4 Lexicon PCM80/81s or 4 Event. DSP4000s, just to
> give you an idea. Inside Orville you can allocate dsps power and audio
> memory building algorithms as you like, repeating structures, setting up 
> 8 or 6 VERY HIGH QUALITY stereo verbs that stand very well against
> Lexicon's.
> Plus you can build synths; you have the best pitch shifters around,
> including the new Ultrashifter that can recalculate the formants of any
> sound, avoiding that nasty Donald Duck or Giant voice artefacts common il
> ALL the others shifters on the market...you should hear it! Moreover you
> have a 3 minutes sampler with real time editing, time 
> shifting, looping and other features that you would find only on top 
> models of EMU or AKAY. You can download the full manual at 
> together with thei cool freeware Vsig that allows anybody to program the
> unit on a PC, starting from a cheap & miserable 486!!! Now they have 
> a remote controller for Orville and DSP7000, working with up to 4 units 
>in a
> network! Who else goes so far??? What is really light years ahead is the
> simplicity of the concept behind Orville: it's a high quality software &
> hardware audio computer in which you can build anything you might ever 
> so that you don't have to buy an XXX for verb, a YYY for pitch shifting, 
> ZZZ for quality delays, a KKK for dynamics and so on...this way it's much
> cheaper and worx better...no cables, no mixers. 8inputs/8outputs, half
> analog, half digital...every internal dsp has 4 ins/4outs...you can patch
> them any way you like, beyond all the ordinary mono, stereo, split, 
> or parallel configurations...even internal loop structure is
> allowed...making up for absolutely new algos...fx are stellar, EQs are
> amazing...you can build 32 bands stereo graphic eqs  or parametric eqs,
> great compressors, new things like harmonix extractors!!! 4.20 minutes of
> delay memory to loop your neck off... midiclock, taptempo, reverse delays
> and shifters w/32 sec. delay, totally customizable graphical analog
> interface with sliders, Vu-meters, pots, monitors and texts, triggers and
> even a relay to switch electric contacts on/off...like a mixer gooseneck
> lamp...nifty!?
> This unit allows the user to build anything, things like vocal synths or 
> synths are only HERE...post production fx, noises, ambients are only 
> thanxs to oscillators and white noise generators...low-fi and audio 
> can be as BAD as you like...a real bastard!!! Hi-FI...well no use to talk
> about this..it's Eventide. Don't worry about second hand prices...you'll
> never sell a box like this...it will grow on you and be kept updated from
> many years to caome by the factory; they still make H3000 from the 80s!!!
> Who else does it? My PCM80 lasted for about 2
> years...Jamman?...Vortex?...Orville is Quadraphonic...have you ever 
>heard a
> real Quad verb? An audio source panning in a Quad mixer? Missing some 
> of life...get the manuals...read them...save your pennies and the market
> will NOT bother you for a long long long time ahead...cheaper and better
> than the others...you'll agree.
> www.eventide.com/oupdate is a site to download the latest software for
> Orville and fot users' presets exchange...again...who else does this???
> NOHOPE...frankly...ciao ITALO

Shit! Gotta get me one. ;)
Anyway, this is really impressive. Maybe I should sell the house...


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