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Re: loopers radio station.

>O H   M Y   G O D!
>Is it that people can't take critisism or that the wording of my initial
>was a tad crass (which offended everyones sensitive musicians ears)?

from webster:

Personally, I recommend to keep criticism as constructive as possible.
Calling something crap or boring, without following it up with reasons,
details of your perspective, (and possibly suggestions), is not
constructive.  Obviously, the music wasn't crap or boring to the person(s)
who created it (or they wouldn't have posted it) so what are they supposed
to do with that information?... other than say: "Well, too bad".  While you
eventually did post some constructive info, most people, i believe, were
responding to your initial post.

Anyways, thanks for following up with some more constructive info.

- Chris