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Re: loopers radio station.

> I think some level of Zen understanding may be achieved on our part by 
>remembering that Most People Are Like This Guy, and, after a possibly bad 
>day, they're capable of the most useless levels of bile, directed at some 
>unconsciously chosen target.  When I was 14 I told my mother that "most
people have cottage cheese between their ears," and this remains an 
unaltered statement to this day.

So we're back to Frank, Einstein, and stupidity theory... Yep, we're all 
capable of it...

> Anyone on this list who says they've never encountered this kind of 
>thing is either in sheer denial, or has never played for an uncontrolled 
>audience. So check your teflon jackets, kids - 

No denial... it's one thing to receive criticism / review from the 
unwashed masses. Sure... there's sometimes amazingly caustic remarks 

On this LIST though, I'd say I'll use bandwith as I choose to try and make 
sense of other posters remarks... There were some harsh, dismissive 
comments, and for the most part... the replies to that have been kindly 
guiding the discussion back to something constructive. I appreciate the 
fact that Mark has expanded on his criticism to DISCUSS his reasoning a 
little. It's nice to know that he may actually aspire to becoming part of 
a friendly community here. The bonus is that he's actually OT and 
discussing LOOPING. Imagine that...

> the rebuttals to Mark's flame have taken up more bandwidth than the 
>original flame itself - to say nothing of personal bandwidth used in even 
>contemplating such uninformed and uncontrolled foolishness.  

When some says our loops are shite... we're ON TOPIC. This warrants 
further discussion. I wanna know what criterea people are judging with. 
I'm also interested in possibly hearing examples of Mark's techniques or 
at least values which led him to his conclusions...

> Let's all go play some of our own music, and forget all of this. 

Yep... we had a great looper jam just this sunday. But forget... NOT. I 
wanna know...