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Re: MPX-G2 MIDI Synch?

Hey, thanks for the advice.  I'll start saving my pennies!  I think I'll
probably go with an Echoplex as a second looper (if they ever get here!) 
keep my Digitech 2112 for a while.  It's a pretty good unit for the money. 
question though, with the g2, can you have multipal effects with the 20 sec
looping?  That would be good.

steve lawson wrote:

> >I just got an email from Lexicon and they do indeed confirm that the 
> >function on the MPX-G2 is MIDI synchable, as is the original JamMan.  As
> far as
> >I can tell, all you'd have to do is send the MIDI out from your drum
> >machine/sequencer into a splitter and you'd have two more or less in 
> >loops.
> Ah, that's interesting, as the JamMan can provide MIDI clock info, I'll 
> to try driving the G2 with the JamMan.... could be fun! :o)
> >The problem is that it seems that Lexicon wants about $1700 for the 
> with
> >a foot controller.  A bit steep.  You could have bought 5 JamMans for 
> new
> >and had some extra for MacDonalds on the way home.  To the people on the
> list
> >that have it, is it worth it? (not the MacDonalds, the MPX)
> Do NOT get the G2 solely as a loop device - it's a great effect, but not
> worth the  money. As a multi FX however, I've not come across anything
> that's anywhere near as good. I write for Guitarist magazine in the UK 
> get to try out every new FX unit on the market, just about, and this is 
> best, most versatile, instrument effects unit I've ever tried. If you 
> the best, it's worth the $$$$. If you just want something for fun, go 
>for a
> floor unit...
> cheers
> Steve
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