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Re: MPX-G2 MIDI Synch?

>I just got an email from Lexicon and they do indeed confirm that the 
>function on the MPX-G2 is MIDI synchable, as is the original JamMan.  As
far as
>I can tell, all you'd have to do is send the MIDI out from your drum
>machine/sequencer into a splitter and you'd have two more or less in synch

Ah, that's interesting, as the JamMan can provide MIDI clock info, I'll 
to try driving the G2 with the JamMan.... could be fun! :o)

>The problem is that it seems that Lexicon wants about $1700 for the MPX-G2
>a foot controller.  A bit steep.  You could have bought 5 JamMans for that
>and had some extra for MacDonalds on the way home.  To the people on the
>that have it, is it worth it? (not the MacDonalds, the MPX)

Do NOT get the G2 solely as a loop device - it's a great effect, but not
worth the  money. As a multi FX however, I've not come across anything
that's anywhere near as good. I write for Guitarist magazine in the UK and
get to try out every new FX unit on the market, just about, and this is the
best, most versatile, instrument effects unit I've ever tried. If you want
the best, it's worth the $$$$. If you just want something for fun, go for a
floor unit...


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