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Re: MPX-G2 MIDI Synch?

>I never knew about Lexicon's MPX-G2 and it's "JamMan" function.  20 sec of
>delay time.  Is it upgradable to more?  More importantly, will it synch to
>MIDI, like the JamMan?  Steve, if  you're reading  this, can you hook the
>in of the MPX into the midi out of a drum machine/sequencer and then try 
>start a new loop in time with the beat.  If it works, the loop should end
>itself... on the beat and whatever you played will no be in synch with the
>source.  If this works, let me know, it's very exciting news.

I've not got a drum machine with MIDI at the moment, but have tried just
sticking in a MIDI lead to see if the two are already working on the same
channel... they aren't...

My guess is that it'll be possible, I've just got to look up what the MIDI
number is for the 'tap' button on the MPX, and set the JamMan to receive on
the same... then I  can set the two lengths the same, and just do
interesting things with volume controls to stop my self recording the same
thing on both machines...

Michael Manring uses two JamMans live, and tracks things up - he does an
amazing solo bass version of Spirits in a Material World where he puts a
drum track down on one, then puts two loops side by side on the other one
(using the first loop to set the length) and then switches between the two
to get verse and chorus - great stuff.

If you're not familiar with Michael, check out http://www.manthing.com and
go see him live - it's an amazing experience...


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