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Re: Midi Dump on EDP

Hi Bad Dog!

Well, it depends on what you're trying to do, but Kim has always suggested
capturing the audio of the EDP loop rather than the digital data. The MIDI 
can take 50 to 70 times as long as the real-time of the loop.  (See
http://www.annihilist.com/loop/tools/echoplex/FAQ2.html#Anchor-Does-17304 )

I have a Kyma system ( http://www.symbolicsound.com/ ) that I use to 
capture EDP
loops.  I construct the loop in the EDP, then touch a MIDI key which 
the Kyma to grab the loop.  Now I can diddle with it in the Kyma or 
another loop in the Kyma.

To do this kind of thing on your laptop, you'll need a MIDI interface 
(with both
MIDI-IN and MIDI-OUT since the EDP and computer must dialog), an analog 
input (probably built-in...I'm impressed with the features and quality of 
laptaps), and some type of control program.  PC-wise I don't have any
recommendations regarding the control program.  If it were a Mac, I'd look 
MAX/MSP.  But maybe other folks could recommend something?

Dennis Leas

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Subject: Midi Dump on EDP

>Does anyone have experience saving an Echoplex Digital Pro loop to a PC? 
>I have
a bone stock new Dell laptop. What software do I need on the PC? Will in 
special hardware? What is the cheapest way to get this capability?
>All help will be appreciated!
>Bad Dog