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Re: Bill Frisell live loop extravaganza

Forgive my ignorance, but what is an Echo Plus?

- Chris

>Well not quite, but both Bill's new CD, and his current short solo tour
>of Europe, feature his own take on the loop thing. I saw him on Friday
>here in London, and he's incorporated a Line 6 DL4 into his set-up
>(he seems to like that half-speed backwards effect, amongst the many
>he made of it) along with the other, older floor boxes he's been using
>for ever (although of course his Echo Plus isn't on the floor).
>The set was a combination of a few standards like "Days of Wine and
>"My Man's Gone Now", a Monk tune (I think); "Moon River", and "Follow
>Your Heart"
>by John McClaughlin which he's been trying to play "for about the last
>30 years",
>plus his own more loop-based things such "Throughout", the Farside theme
>and a
>couple of tunes familiar from recent CDs. Almost 2 hours, and given that
>it was
>the first of six sets he played at the weekend, he didn't show any signs
>having paced himself(!)
>Great fun, so long as you could filter-out the sound of cutlery
>discretly clinking
>all around.
>Thought there might be a few folks out there interested...