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Bill Frisell live loop extravaganza

Well not quite, but both Bill's new CD, and his current short solo tour 
of Europe, feature his own take on the loop thing. I saw him on Friday 
here in London, and he's incorporated a Line 6 DL4 into his set-up 
(he seems to like that half-speed backwards effect, amongst the many
he made of it) along with the other, older floor boxes he's been using
for ever (although of course his Echo Plus isn't on the floor).

The set was a combination of a few standards like "Days of Wine and
"My Man's Gone Now", a Monk tune (I think); "Moon River", and "Follow
Your Heart" 
by John McClaughlin which he's been trying to play "for about the last
30 years", 
plus his own more loop-based things such "Throughout", the Farside theme
and a 
couple of tunes familiar from recent CDs. Almost 2 hours, and given that
it was 
the first of six sets he played at the weekend, he didn't show any signs
having paced himself(!)

Great fun, so long as you could filter-out the sound of cutlery
discretly clinking 
all around.

Thought there might be a few folks out there interested...