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Re: Couple of queries...

At 8:24 AM -0800 3/11/00, Graham Pattison wrote:
>Dear all,
>Has anyone any experience of running the echoplex units in stereo?
>I've been luck enough to [pick up two units and are running them in 
>but for some reason the gain structure required for the two uynits is
>completely different. Any ideas?


Older echoplex units had a gain structure that tended to have too much
input gain, and not enough output. It was trickier to set the input/output
gains right without clipping the loop or having it seem too quiet. A few
years ago, they changed that so the input was much easier to set and the
output could reach a higher output level.

This is a really simple mod, it just requires changing two resistors on the
circuit board if you want to do it. I've got this on the Echoplex FAQ at
the Looper's Delight echoplex pages, follow this link to go right there:



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