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Re: Randism (was: Loopers-Delight-d Digest V00 #73

> can any of the pro-rand objectivists explain why her 
> novels female leads always like rapesex?
> always seemed weird to me.

I always thought that was kinda odd too. Barbara Branden
(Nathaniel's Ex) wrote an expose of sorts, called "The Passion 
of Ayn Rand", which shed some light on some of Ayn's 
quirks and motivations.

Apparently, Ayn's fictional 'rapesex' fantasies were an 
extreme - politically/psychologically-charged - form of
man-worship, an expression of an ideal dominant male she
yearned for in real life. Her hubby Frank was rather meek
compared to Ayn (but who isn't, right?).

If you're curious and don't have time for the book. There's 
a recent film about Ayn, based on "The Passion...", which did
very well at Canne, btw.

- Larry
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