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Re: Loopers-Delight-d Digest V00 #73

 First of all, rationality and irrationality are mutually exclusive. You
either choose to validate your ideas (through a process of reason),and
be rational; or choose to follow whatever makes you feel good and is
conveniant.  The senses (percepts) are valid, they are automatic
reactions to the external world. Your senses never lie, the error occurs
when a person takes percepts and forms incorrect (invalid) concepts. A
good example of this would be the illusion of the broken-stick in water.
The senses are totaly reliable in that they don't censor the light
coming to your eyes at different speeds. I you were to conclude that the
stick was really bent, that would be an error of thought (conceptual),
not yor senses (perceptual).  Love is not an "irrational feeling". Love,
like all feelings or emotions are a value judgement formed by one's
ideas.  All emotions derive from the content of one's mind. If you won a
million dollars, would you feel happy, or sad and dejected? You would
feel happy, because those million dollars would be of value to you.
There is no clash between thought and feeling, any apparent clash
betwwen the two iis really a clash between two contradicting ideas. So,
if you have a feeling that seems irrational, it's really your ideas that
are irrational. I strongly suggest you look into Objectivism, the
philosophy of Ayn Rand. 

Cheers,   - Dan