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Re: mpx1 vs. mpx 500

In a message dated 10/03/00 01:39:45 GMT Standard Time, 

> in order to compare the 1 to the 500;
>  the routing possibilities
>  - i've heard about problems with the mpx 1's pitch shifting taking to
>  much place in the well crafted 1's dual processors and memory.
>  does that mean nessesarily that the routing in the 1 is bad when i use
>  -the pitch or any orther effects?
>  -how many effect can i go through?
>  -are there any other effects taking to much place?

Can't answer all your questions, try ghogan@lexicon.com
...and keep in mind that I haven't actually used either,
I'm a MPX100 user who's researched them as a possible upgrade.

>can i loop on the 500 and have my guitar playing through?

>tremolo + rotation
trems excellent 
rotations very good
(can only be better than the MPX100)

>pitch shift MPX1
the fact this uses up processing power could be a sign it works well,
... the pitch on the MPX100 only works well on single note I/P
possibly the MPX500 is the same.

Basically I reckon the MPX1 is much more powerful than the 500,
it belongs in a higher price bracket than the 500.
...but the 500 is newer (&cheaper)
if the loop facility in the 500 is identical to the 100, then it may
share the problems, I'd suggest you try out an infinite loop
while receiving midi-clock and see if the signal degrades.


Andy Butler
Lexicon Vortex Database