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RE: mpx1 vs. mpx 500

mpx1 vs. mpx 500 !!

in order to have better understanding before spending 700$,
i have couple of subject i would very much appreciate contribution
knowledge and experiece.

in order to compare the 1 to the 500;

the routing possibilities
- i've heard about problems with the mpx 1's pitch shifting taking to
much place in the well crafted 1's dual processors and memory.
does that mean nessesarily that the routing in the 1 is bad when i use
-the pitch or any orther effects?
-how many effect can i go through?
-are there any other effects taking to much place?

-does the rotary and tremolo realy sound good or just do their job
without the preciuose warmth (i checked it in the store i couldn't
realy test it and compare) ?
what's the looper's setting in the 500?
can i loop on the 500 and have my guitar playing through?

am0as ;9)-
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