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Re: Loopers-Delight-d Digest V00 #73

In a message dated 3/9/00 9:18:56 PM Pacific Standard Time, 
Loopers-Delight-d-request@annihilist.com writes:

<< > I was making a case against mystical,
 > unfounded, beliefs about music which are based on little more
 > than "feelings". For example, just because I "feel" that the
 > world is round, it does not make it true. Feeling are no
 > substitute for the validity of the senses. >>

OK, I've stayed out of this one so far, but I have to admit here you're 
finally got me wondering why a presumably healthy, well-rounded adult mind 
has to accept that the rational (intellect) and the irrational (these 
'unfounded beliefs' and 'feelings') are by necessity mutually exclusive.   
mean really, shouldn't we have a pretty good handle on dealing with each 
the appropriate time?

Besides, since when does a "feeling" have the prove anything to be valid 
and of itself as a feeling (and if you've never been blindsided by an 
irrational feeling like say, oh, "love" for instance you've missed one of 
true joys of living), and how many examples from throughout history do you 
need to illustrate how deceptive the "validity of the senses" can be?

And one other thing - even if you don't follow an organized religion 
(which I 
don't either), why diss it for people that derive some sense of meaning 
it?  The way I see it, any time people can assemble in any format that's 
peaceful and maybe even feel some sense of community, i.e. religious 
concerts, PTA, Alcoholics Anonymous, bowling league, what have you, that's 
not such a bad thing.  

Ken R