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Re: Wave file basics

Quoting Nick.Key@solent.ac.uk:

> Hi
> Im just starting to use stuff like SFacid and SF Audio express, Vaz.
> Im looking for some decent resources that explain about frequency,
> oscillation and all, so I can start making my own sounds.
> Can anyone help please?

There are lots of freeware and shareware sound generation programs 
available on the net. Two that I have found very useful are Buzz 
(<http://www.buzz2.com>) and Tuareg 
(<http://redrival.com/tuareg/index2.htm>). I use the sounds and riffs 
I create as wave files in ACID. I also use a synth plugged into the 
line in on my soundcard, edit the recorded sounds in Sound Forge XP 
so they loop properly, and use them too.

It isn't really neccessary to understand the real technical terms to 
create music with ACID, but a search on 'Csound' should help if you 
want to go that route. Also check out <http://www.hitsquad.com/smm/> 
for resources.
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