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Re: Interesting...

Mike - There's no "contrast" or contradiction involved here. 
I posted the Rudyar statements (who *is* a pathetic mystic),
to demonstrate that I know where you're coming from subjectively,
but that the psuedo-science that props it up is patently far-fetched,
and yet instructive through its use of analogy. If one is wont 
to throw a wider net, fewer fish are caught.

So why all the enmity? Ideas are not Sacred Cows. I thought we 
were having an interesting, if somewhat challenging, discussion.

Geez...it's getting harder everyday to be a rational, inquisitive 
person in an (unwittingly or malevelolently?) irrational milieu.

(Maybe this is what it felt like before the the Dark Ages engulfed 
the West???)

No offense Mike, I was not attacking *you*.

- Larry 
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> >>["Jack-hammer time" is] also at the root of the rhythmic, cyclic
> music of shamanistic ceremonies and similar rituals which send
> listeners and purveyers into hypnotic states, where time seems to
> disappear.
> > Alex Stahl...
> > After all of the recent posts encouraging intellectual honesty,
> what are your sources for your statement that entrainment is at the
> root of timeless music?
> Thanks so much for this Alex... It was all I could do not to jump in
> and mention the "contrast" of this from Larry's previous statements!
> Even more bewildering stance switching (from another post) from Larry
> below, just for laughs! 8-) Ya know Larry... I find this kind of stuff
> fine by me, but wonder why previous stuff like this seemed so
> offensive to you and incited such strong assertions that it smacked of
> psuedo-scientific balderdash!?
> Yours truly,
> -Miko
> > As Dane Rudyar said:
> > "The sound of music is a revelation of the realm of psychism; and
> the level of intensity and expression of music is the dynamic
> reflection of the level of the psychism of especially
> sensitive and open human beings. Music is a psychic communication."
> > In the same vein, related to the New Scienist article, Donald Hatch
> Andrews states - "the universe is more like music than matter" - in
> that "the universe is a whole constituted by an incredibly complex web
> of communication that relates everything to everything else".
> > I think this 'psychic communication' is manifested in the
> subjective response we have to harmony, tone and vibration. Just as
> one can wonder and marvel at the skill and aesthetic genius
> demonstrated by the buildings of say, Frank Lloyd Wright, one
> immediately senses
> the qualities in a piece of music.
> > That's why "Music is frozen architecture" is one of my favorite
> musical quotes.
> > - Larry (not intending to belittle anyone, especially tastes in
> architecture). :)