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Re: Interesting...

>>["Jack-hammer time" is] also at the root of the rhythmic, cyclic
music of shamanistic ceremonies and similar rituals which send
listeners and purveyers into hypnotic states, where time seems to

> Alex Stahl...
> After all of the recent posts encouraging intellectual honesty,
what are your sources for your statement that entrainment is at the
root of timeless music?

Thanks so much for this Alex... It was all I could do not to jump in
and mention the "contrast" of this from Larry's previous statements!

Even more bewildering stance switching (from another post) from Larry
below, just for laughs! 8-) Ya know Larry... I find this kind of stuff
fine by me, but wonder why previous stuff like this seemed so
offensive to you and incited such strong assertions that it smacked of
psuedo-scientific balderdash!?

Yours truly,

> As Dane Rudyar said:
> "The sound of music is a revelation of the realm of psychism; and
the level of intensity and expression of music is the dynamic
reflection of the level of the psychism of especially
sensitive and open human beings. Music is a psychic communication."

> In the same vein, related to the New Scienist article, Donald Hatch
Andrews states - "the universe is more like music than matter" - in
that "the universe is a whole constituted by an incredibly complex web
of communication that relates everything to everything else".

> I think this 'psychic communication' is manifested in the
subjective response we have to harmony, tone and vibration. Just as
one can wonder and marvel at the skill and aesthetic genius
demonstrated by the buildings of say, Frank Lloyd Wright, one
immediately senses
the qualities in a piece of music.

> That's why "Music is frozen architecture" is one of my favorite
musical quotes.

> - Larry (not intending to belittle anyone, especially tastes in
architecture). :)