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RE: Interesting...

> That's when the Greeks would say the "Muse" was visiting.  I've
> experienced
> it in furtive glances, and work hard to bring myself to the skill level
> necessary to do it again and again.

Yes! I think skill level is essential in getting the 'Muse' to visit. I do
not believe it is a 'jack hammer effect', nor simply a psychological state
educed by droning which is purely physical (so, Larry, go ahead and
pooh-pooh this all you want). If it was simply a physical reaction everyone
would be able to easily attain that musical 'zone' where genius and magic
happen. Don't remember who remarked on this state saying something like:
'when every note you play is right, and you can't play a wrong one.'
This is a nice quote about the Muse visiting:
'Music rears it's beautiful head and puts you right into the rightness.'-
Trey Gunn

"*We* are the music makers and *we* are the dreamers or dreams.' - Willy
'Future Perfect' - art music

'Hazard Factor' - spontaneous grooves

Dave Eichenberger- guitars/loops/devices