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Re: Interesting...

> Yes! I think skill level is essential in getting the 'Muse' to visit. I 
> not believe it is a 'jack hammer effect', nor simply a psychological 
> educed by droning which is purely physical (so, Larry, go ahead and
> pooh-pooh this all you want). If it was simply a physical reaction
> would be able to easily attain that musical 'zone' where genius and magic
> happen. Don't remember who remarked on this state saying something like:
> 'when every note you play is right, and you can't play a wrong one.'
> This is a nice quote about the Muse visiting:
> 'Music rears it's beautiful head and puts you right into the rightness.'-
> Trey Gunn

I agree, skill is very important to achieving consistent results. This is
why Shamen are revered. I'm in agreement with Kungha too about how
"consciousness reacts AFTER the bodies involuntary functions become
synchronised w/their environment". I believe that's what i meant.
However, the '"subjective" experience' - which I'm not denying, btw -
is bolstered, via one's skill, aquired by purposeful 'mindful' action.

Intuitively, everyone knows that the rational and subjective - yin/yang? -
alternate between primary/subordinate during the creative process.

As Dane Rudyar said:
"The sound of music is a revelation of the realm of psychism;
and the level of intensity and expression of music is the
dynamic reflection of the level of the psychism of especially
sensitive and open human beings. Music is a psychic communication."

In the same vein, related to the New Scienist article, Donald Hatch
Andrews states - "the universe is more like music than matter" -
in that "the universe is a whole constituted by an incredibly complex
web of communication that relates everything to everything else".

I think this 'psychic communication' is manifested in the subjective
response we have to harmony, tone and vibration. Just as one can
wonder and marvel at the skill and aesthetic genius demonstrated
by the buildings of say, Frank Lloyd Wright, one immediately senses
the qualities in a piece of music.

That's why "Music is frozen architecture" is one of my favorite
musical quotes.

- Larry (not intending to belittle anyone, especially tastes in
architecture). :)

- Larry