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Re: Interesting...

> Anyone experience this?  In looping too.  Sometimes you stop thinking
> and just interact with the loop and a piece just sort of generates
> itself.

Happens to me every once in a while, more often when looping. Time
seems to compress (psychologically it does). I think it has something
to do with the way the involuntary bodily functions (breathing,
heartbeat, etc) and the mind (synaptic firing sequences and brain
activity) become entrained by its environment after prolonged
exposure. It's similar to the "jack-hammer effect" in psychology

For example, if someone beside you starts up a jackhammer, initially it's
quite startling, but after a few moments you filter out the startling
elements and the body adjusts. After a few more moments
your whole body synchronizes itself to "jack-hammer time".

It's also at the root of the rhythmic, cyclic music of
shamanistic ceremonies and similar rituals which send
listeners and purveyers into hypnotic states, where time
seems to disappear.

The same phenomenon can be induced through drones, intoning
and chanting. How do you think Monks deal with all those years
cooped up in those Monasteries? "Hey, let chant. Let's get 'high'.

Interesting stuff.

- Larry

> Interesting discussions regarding music, cosmology, religion, and
> music being a cell, a microcosm of the macrocosm.
> All I know is that in various musica situations time has seemed to
> stand still and it feels like you're flying in a dream or something.
> I've read that Fripp says once you experience that, you'll do almost
> anything to get back to that.
> I can see why.  You can't plan it or force it to happen, it just does.